Self Made Man

Everything starts in the ‘70s at Certaldo, in the province of Florence, famous industrial center for the production of picture frames.

At age 14, Luca Cioni began his professional journey in the world of frames, working in one of the many industries of the Florentine industrial hub.

Thanks to his great determination and willingness to make sacrifices, quickly he found himself occupying positions of responsibility in the business.

During that time his DNA as an entrepreneur was established, guiding him to open his own business at only 20 years of age: Cioni Cornici.

Luca’s tenacity and passion, in over 40 years of activity, allowed him to grow his horizons. Thanks to his vision, Cioni Cornici became the reference point for the sector and continues growing: acquiring and incorporating big strategic businesses in the industry and their specialized personnel, as in the case of historic Albor.

Nowadays, with the help of his two sons, Nico and Mirco, the Cioni Group represents an international reality, exporting Made in Italy excellence to five continents.

Regardless of his achievements, Luca’s success never went to his head, continuing with artisanal production, strongly attached to the ethics tattooed on his skin, sharing a playful and brotherly relationship with his employees that have followed him from day-one.

His solid and decisive character, embellished with the irony and florid touch of the florentine can be resumed in the symbolic catchphrase of his success:

This attitude is celebrated especially by his historic international clients, by now not only partners but friends.